Practice Areas

Family Law

Family law includes such areas of practice as divorce and separation, child support and alimony, custody and visitation of children, guardian ad litem, mediation, and arbitration. We are able to offer advice, be sure you understand your rights, and let you know what legal options you have. We can be sure the best strategy is implemented to handle your family’s needs.

We have the experience and talent to give you a representative that has the knowledge to protect your interests in family matters. We can help you to understand the laws so you can comply with them, identify long-term goals for your family, solve problems that are likely to come up in the future, develop separation agreements and assist with divorce filing. We can help you get your part of the assets and ensure court orders are complied with.

You don’t have to go to court alone, when our office offers family attorneys in Scottsboro, Guntersville, and the surrounding northeast Alabama area.

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General Law

General law includes common areas including wills, estates, probate, bankruptcy, social security, personal injury, and worker’s compensation.

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Criminal Law

Areas included in criminal law include such things as DUI/drunk driving, drug-related, theft and fraud, sex, violence, federal, and juvenile crimes.

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